What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA is the study of observable behavior focused on making meaningful change to improve behavior and more importantly lives. ABA focuses on understanding why the behavior is or is not occurring or what a person may be getting from engaging in a behavior and changing the conditions around behavior to make it more or less likely to occur in the future,

ABA is also data driven in that changes to behavior must be observable and we record data to analyze progress or lack thereof.

ABA is empirically based. There are entire journals focused specifically on studies rooted in behavior analysis.More importantly, there is a large evidence base of ABA leading to meaningful behavior change in individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

 Providing comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis services to help every individual realize their own potential

Our Services

  • Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) in the area of Functional Behavior Assessment or FBA

  • Behavior assessment and ongoing behavior management and progress monitoring for Home and Community-based Services (HCS), ICF/ID, private group homes and residential facilities, school districts, and private/in-home clients.

  • Group trainings, workshops, and seminars on Applied Behavior Analysis, Problem Behaviors, Functional Behavior Assessments, etc.

  • Writing behavior programs (BSP or BIP)

  • Provide supervision for in-home behavior programs, registered behavior technicians (RBTs),  Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs), and non-certified therapists running ABA programs

  • Travel within the Greater Houston area to provide direct ABA services or trainings at your location- Pasadena, Clear Lake, Galveston, League City, Kemah, Bacliff, Texas City, Dickinson, Deer Park, La Porte, Alvin, Santa Fe, La Marque and other surrounding areas.

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